Professional Advice Provided by a Home Remodel Specialist

Having a small bathroom for some families is great. It is much easier to maintain and clean it. However, small places create the feeling of discomfort and lack of space. But we will help you make your small bathroom look bigger than it is with these helpful hints:

  • Keep everything the same tone. Having your walls and bath fixtures in the same color will create the vision of openness. If you have dark cabinets and light walls, for example, you will chop the space visually and make it look even smaller. So, avoid contrasting colors if you want to have a visually bigger place.
  • Choose tiles with the same shade like the ceiling. Selecting tiles with different colors will cut the size of your small bath. To avoid this, you have to blend the tile to the wall, and your space will look almost double bigger.
  • Take the tile up to the ceiling. A home remodel specialist will advise you avoid installing tile to the middle of the walls. However, this way, again, your room will look small-sized. But if you continue installing them to the ceiling, you will add much space to it.
  • Use clear glass. If you have decided to install a glass shower door, you should not opt for decorative glass. While it is true that it looks beautiful and stylish, it will shrink visually your small bathroom. But if you install clear glass, you will feel like it has an extra wall.
  • Install a big mirror. Nothing makes a small bath look bigger that a large mirror that goes to the ceiling. This is a very old trick recommended by experienced remodelers. A big mirror with a light fixture installed on the top or hanging in front of it will do the job.

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